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Start Learning in Liverpool, now!

Here at Start, we believe that tuition and extra-curricular activities should be accessible and affordable for everyone! We have made it our mission to provide the children of Liverpool with the highest quality of tutoring, allowing them to excel in subjects, explore new skills and discover talents they didn’t know they had.

At Start, we offer additional Maths and English tuition in Liverpool.

Having good grades in Maths and English has always been vitally important. Even now a large amount of jobs require you to have a minimum of grade C in GCSE Maths and English. Whilst everyone knows it is imperative for children to be able to achieve these grades, class numbers are getting larger, this means that sometimes pupils need a bit of extra help.

Here at Start, we don’t believe that private tuition should be a luxury for those who can afford it, we believe it should be for everyone who needs it! We pride ourselves on tailoring each tuition session to suit your child’s academic and learning need. Starting from age 5+, we will help your child learn, understand and enjoy the subject and help them feel confident when they walk into their exams.

Here at Start, one of the courses offered is Coding Lessons in Liverpool.

Coding is fast becoming one of the most desirable skills by employers. In 2020 there will be at least 2.3 million new jobs in STEM careers. Unfortunately, coding is not covered in our country’s national curriculum. We believe that this subject should be readily available for every child and are now offering a coding course.

In our course your children will learn how to code in a fun, educational and safe way. With us they will cover how to;

•             Code Video Games

•             Programme Robots

•             Create Apps

Start are now offering guitar lessons in Liverpool! Do you have a budding Rockstar in your house? We can help their talent to flourish!

Studies have shown that learning an instrument can benefit a child in so many different ways. It can boost their confidence, improve their communication and leadership skills, evoke a sense of responsibility and self-discipline and even improve their maths skills. For many years’ music lessons have been one of the most oversubscribed extracurricular activities, but they often come with a hefty price tag. At Start, we believe that music should be for everyone, we offer our guitar lessons at an extremely competitive rate. Your child will sound like Jimi Hendrix in no time!

In our lessons they will be provided with;

•             One to One Tuition

•             Group tuition

•             Expert tutors

•             Personalised homework

•             Concerts

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